SWA Ultimate Frisbee

Each day brings a new surprise, such as the fact that in other places online, SWA Ultimate refers to frisbee teams!

In SWAUltimate.org, we found out that there’s an Ultimate Frisbee team in Cambodia.

Here’s a video explaining what it’s all about:

Okay… Now getting back to Cambodia:

In 2011, a group of American youth from the Youth Ultimate Project came to Cambodia to introduce the game of Ultimate Frisbee to Cambodian youth for the first time.

The SWA Ultimate Logo shows a monkey, because (I think) in Cambodia, “swa” means “monkey.” It’s a symbol of speed, grace and agility.

It’s inspiring to see the youth involved in sports and seeing it make a difference in their lives.

And it’s also heartwarming to note that projects involving “SWA Ultimate” are worthwhile, “no one gets left behind” types of endeavors.

Congratulations to Francis Chaves and the SWA Team! Happy 1st Anniversary to the SWA Community!

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