SWA Ultimate Communication Strategy

Do you want to make your SWA Ultimate customers happy? Manage their expectations by communicating with them properly before they send in their payment. Check this out…

Please emphasize that SWA Account activation is usually not instant.

If people are remitting from outside the Philippines to the BDO bank account of Franco Renato A. Chaves, then please give the SWA Admin around 5 banking days for account activation from the date of SWA Account Registration.

If people are depositing to BDO here in the Philippines, then please allow the SWA Admin up to 3 banking days for the activation of the registered SWA account.

In addition, kindly request your customer to scan their BDO deposit slip or the Remittance Receipt. The SWA Upline will then send that receipt to the SWA Admin via the Customer Happiness Portal, along with the following information:

1. Full Name of SWA Customer
2. Email Address of SWA Customer
3. Preferred SWA Username of SWA Customer
4. SWA Username of the Direct Referror

BDO Deposit Tip

If you’re depositing in a BDO bank here in the Philippines, please request the teller to enter your name in the Reference field or box.

In some cases, this reference code will appear when the BDO bank account owner checks the account online. If your name appears in that field, your transaction can be quickly traced to you.

Kindly note that it’s possible that there are so many deposits being made, and identifying who deposited what can be quite a challenge for the SWA team.

I hope this tutorial helps you manage your customers’ expectations better, and improve your relationship with them.

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See you on the inside! 🙂

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