Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc.

Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc was incorporated last April 8, 2014.

We’ve been waiting for this since the announcements in the July 2013 SWA Ultimate newsletter of Franco Renato A. Chaves (Francis Chaves).

And finally, it’s a reality. Thank you, Coach Kiko Javier, for teaching us to wait and hope.

What is the main advantage of having SWAPI?

In a word: Credibility.

A number of SWA members were looking for an office here in the Philippines. SWAPI will open its Makati business office in June 2014.

Some members were asking why payments for access to the SWA Ultimate online library were being made via deposit to the bank account under the name of Franco Renato A. Chaves.

With SWAPI, there is now a BDO bank account under the name of Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc.

This helps assure customers where their payment is going. In the past, various websites or Facebook pages would show payment details involving the name of Francis Chaves and other people (in the case of the selling of SWA Activation Codes).

With SWAPI and its related bank accounts, customers will have fewer questions such as: “Why am I depositing to the account of so-and-so? Who is that person?”

Incorporators of SWAPI

We haven’t seen any formal document regarding the identity of the incorporators of Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc (SWAPI).

There was a Facebook post, however, showing a photo of 5 people attending a SWAPI Incorporators Team Building Session last May 14, 2014. Among the people we saw in the photo were:

1. Franco Renato Almonte Chaves (Francis Chaves) – CEO
2. Jeffrey Lopez Perez (Jeff “MVP Jeff” Perez) – SWA Core Leader
3. Francis Hermes Sison Javier (Coach Kiko Javier) – SWA Core Leader
4. ??
5. ??

We’ve asked Coach Kiko who the other two men were in the photo (via his FB wall), and we’ll update this page as soon as we get the info.


The other two SWAPI incorporators, based on some Facebook wall posts, are:


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