SWA Ultimate Ebooks Update – June 22, 2014

SWA Ultimate shifted to Version 2.0 of the ebook library, and so far there are less than 300 ebooks ready for access. In the previous version, there were 2000+ downloadable files.

We filed a SWA Customer Support Ticket last June 9, 2014 and received feedback that the SWA IT Team is working on the new system.

Some of the ebooks in the SWA Online Library have been converted into FlipDocs documents, although the download button hasn’t been enabled yet.

This makes accessing such ebooks on a mobile device inconvenient, because there are issues with zooming in on the text.

The Version 2.0 SWA Library, however, has some links to ebooks stored in the previous non-FlipDocs webserver.

In those cases, the Adobe PDF Reader program is launched, and the pinch-zooming feature of mobile devices works quite well. Plus, we’re able to download those ebooks.

Fortunately, there are people who downloaded some of the ebooks way back in 2012, and saved back up copies of these to external hard drives.

That’s why we are able to access ebooks which have not yet been uploaded to the Version 2.0 system of SWA.

We hope the SWA IT Team will update the Version 2.0 SWA Library soon.

Or at least, they can provide links to the Version 1.0 library so that customers can get what they paid for: access to the online library of ebooks.

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