Ignition Marketing Review

Here’s a review of Ignition Marketing, the latest online marketing training program launched by Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes, three of the Top Pinoy Internet Marketing Experts in the world.

Is Ignition Marketing Co. a scam? Is it for real? Here’s the behind the scenes look brought to you by an actual customer of IM.

Hindi po network marketing company ang Ignition Marketing Co.Training company po siya.

Will IM help people who are trying to promote SWA Ultimate?

There is a training module that covers Facebook Marketing. It has basic tips on how to create Facebook Groups and Facebook Fan Pages, and how these can work together to help you promote any business you wish to build online.

Please note that some people (especially mobile phone users) have reported challenges when viewing the Vzaar-hosted online videos. Desktop and laptop users, however, are able to watch the online vids especially if they have a reliable internet broadband connection.

Can the content be found online for free?

Most online marketing tips and tutorials can be found in free online discussion forums, blogs, or viral articles.

What makes IM unique is the private Facebook group, where you can read the experiences of other Ignition Marketers and what they did when they put the tutorial tips into action.

That, for me, is information that you won’t easily find online for free.


Aside from the online marketing training, how else can Ignition Marketing help SWA Ultimate members?

IM has an affiliate program that comes with a high start-up commission.

For example, your first sale earns a commission of P2,000. The 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 10th earns you P400 each. The 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th earns you P2,000 each.

In other words, when you sell 10 units, your net earnings will be around P10,600.

That’s an average of P1,060 net commission per sale. (Net, meaning net of the training package cost.)

In other words, may PANGGALAW.

There’s also a major benefit in Ignition Marketing…

You’ll get to interact with a community of at least 700-members who each said YES! to personal development and growth.

Can you imagine what it would be like to exchange ideas and chat with fellow SWA members who invested in the SWA Ultimate online library ebooks, and also bought the Ignition Marketing Online Prosperity Training package?

These are people who are SERIOUS about building their online business.

Will we surely earn in Ignition Marketing?

Look, there are no guarantees in life. There is no guarantee that if you promote IM, you will earn.

Remember, you need to build your name first, then your business second.

There are ways to speed things up. You’ll find that inside the IM training area.

Personally, I’ve learned a LOT from interacting with the different Ignition Marketing members. The things I’ve discovered are both technical and social in nature:

  • How To Make Email Autoresponders Follow-Up For You.
  • How To Make Team-Based Online Marketing Systems Work.
  • What Exactly Do Network Marketers Want

In fact, I’m building a SWAmazing Automatic Email Marketing System based on the things I discovered inside Ignition Marketing.

And I’m spilling the secrets of that strategy to my Team AKMB members at http://AyawKongMagBlog.com

Remember: Invest in Yourself, before others will invest in You.

» Click here and check it out… even if you’re just curious.

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria
Your Fellow SWA Ultimate Customer

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