SWA Ultimate Review 2016

Here is the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate or SWA Ultimate product review for January 2016. Yes, the ebook collection is pretty much the same as back in 2012, although the business side has evolved. For example…

Fewer people are visibly promoting SWA Ultimate on Facebook.

That can be an advantage for some, in the sense that there is less competition now. On the other hand, lack of high profile promoters can also mean lack of widespread interest.

Do people still want to read ebooks? Some people do, particularly those who will transform what they’ve read into tutorials or coffee chat sessions that they can use to educate their future customers.

Do we continue to read the ebooks? Yes, of course. Just don’t expect us to read all the ebooks, because we choose to focus instead on those topics that we find interesting.

Self-motivation. Personal development. Lifelong training and education.

Yes, those are the evergreen topics (walang kupas) that make re-reading those ebooks worthwhile.

You’ll be amazed at how appreciative new salespeople are when they hear the stories that you can share after reading those ebooks. Truly, knowledge is not power; rather, sharing knowledge is power.

In a sense, we’re thankful that the SWA Ultimate payout waiting period is a rather lengthy 15 to 90 working days. That’s around 18 weeks or about 5 months.

As a result, people no longer focus on affiliate commissions. Instead, people look more at the ebooks. That’s one of the reasons why we prefer to work with those who love to read.

It’s not all about earning commissions. It’s more about investing in yourself and improving your skills.

No, I’m not here to “convince” you to buy the SWA Ultimate library. After all these years, we realize that most people turn to SWA because of the money angle. And now that the money side of SWA calls for a lot of patience, we will not recommend this for more Filipinos who are mainly searching for extra income.

While there are far fewer people who prioritize continuous education, the internet conveniently allows us to connect with those of you who adopt a long-term view.

And if you’re hungry for more training, particularly in the field of online marketing, then we invite you to check out AyawKongMagBlog.com where you will see for yourself how Pinoy online marketers conduct Facebook Marketing campaigns.

Yes, SWA Ultimate is mostly an online library of ebooks, but a quick review of its 2012 to 2014 history shows that the Facebook Marketing tactic pervasively taught at that time was the spammy: Post – Tag – Share (indiscriminately).

Such “spam-mentors” have long disappeared from the SWA Ultimate marketing scene. What has persisted lasted, on the other hand, are the long-term EDU-marketers.

Yes, we’re talking about teachers, trainors, and educators who prioritize the future by instilling in others knowledge plus the motivation to put transform that information into concrete action.

For example, more and more Filipinos are learning How To Invest In The Philippine Stock Market

SWA UltiMind, on the other hand, made us look forward to their promise of daily videos spread out over 300+ days. This daily video approach was taken to protect us from information overload.

To help focus SWA Ultimate marketers, the payout for SWA Ultimind was going to be processed in a much shorter 10 working day period (as opposed to the 15 – 90 working day waiting period for SWA Ultimate commissions).

After looking at the SWA UltiMind members’ area on Day 104, and finding only 50 videos (a number of which do not play properly on various web browsers), it became evident that the SWA UltiMind content developers were overwhelmed with other tasks.

Thankfully, we saved some of the SWA Ultimate PDF ebooks, which gave us something useful to read while waiting for the UltiMind videos to load.

And here we are, four years later (and hopefully wiser) with the following key insight regarding online marketing businesses:

Invest in Product Development. Come up with a new product at least once every two years.

It has to be a strong/good product that delivers on its promises.

We’re currently observing other Pinoy marketers as they prepare to launch new info-products every 2 to 3 years. We wish them the best, and we’re confident that just like the story of SWA Ultimate, we shall learn a lot.

In the meantime, always remember to work with what we have, and to invest in yourself before others will invest in you.

Maraming salamat po, at mabuhay tayong lahat!

Truly Rich Club Lamang ang may alam.

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