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Hello fellow SWA Ultimate members! You’ve been told to market SWA in Facebook. Wall post this, status update that. Well, that’s what hundreds of other Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate members are doing. If you want to be seen, you need to go beyond Facebook! Check this out…

Sure, there are 900 million Facebook members. Still, please keep in mind that not everyone wants to be in Facebook.

In fact, there are many active communities that are growing outside of Facebook. And who knows? You might share a common interest with them! Here are some of those special communities where you can make friends who may someday ask you about your SWA business…

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Here are online communities outside of Facebook…

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Care2 (social philanthropists) – Care2’s tagline is “make a difference,” and its platform is designed to help you do just that. The network includes a motivated community, driven by more than 19 million members who are passionate about a number of causes (animal welfare, the arts, peace, politics, etc.). You can connect with others who share your interests, swap stories, send e-cards and more.

Dogster / Catster (for pet lovers) – These social networks are for the dog or cat lover in you. Each site includes an online magazine portion, but the community areas let you create a profile for your pet, add photos, create groups and discuss the latest topics of pet care. According to Dogster, Inc.’s website, Dogster and Catster currently have 3 million pet profiles.

My Last Wish (do you have a Bucket List?) – This relatively new iOS app (pang iPhone) connects people around the world based on what they want to do before they die. Users post their wishes on a Wish Wall and befriend others who might share their dreams. Users can also make their contact information available to connect outside of the network. White Lotus, the company that developed My Last Wish, will release an Android version if the iOS app does well.

Wiser (for environmentalists) – The team at Wiser describes the site as a global village for people who believe in a more just and sustainable world. The network, which currently has over 70,000 members and recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, offers users the chance to meet and connect with people working toward sustainability. Share knowledge and experiences, and work with others online.

UnTappd (mahilig ka ba sa beer?) – Untappd is a mobile-based social network, through which users can share their favorite beers — and where they’re drinking them — with friends. Reminiscent of Foursquare, you check into a bar, pub or restaurant and indicate what type of beer you’re drinking, and you can connect with friends and receive badges for certain accomplishments. It’s available on iOS and Android, but you can also access Untappd through mobile web.

ComicSpace (do you love Comics?) – This network’s About page simply reads, “ComicSpace is a place for people who like comics.” Both comic creators and fans come together at ComicSpace to share blogs and post original webcomics. According to the site’s member directory, there are 89,587 active members.

CafeMom (strictly for moms, or soon-to-be moms) – CafeMom is a virtual meeting place for mothers. Not only does it offer cutting-edge articles regarding parenthood and childcare, but its community allows millions of moms to talk to each other, give and receive advice, watch videos and play games.

Cyloop (for new media musicians) – Cyloop is a social music network that allows users to create personalized experiences with its extensive audio and video library. You can collect millions of songs and follow your favorite artists’ activity. Cyloop can also be used as a tool for musicians and labels who wish to market through the website’s profile interface.

Book In A Week (for motivated writers) – The first full week of every month, you can use Book-in-a-Week’s learning management system to reach writing goals you’ve set for yourself. You’ll find helpful resources, motivating prompts, special challenges and useful camaraderie.

FastLoop (for the digitally-minded athlete) – FastLoop is an online gathering place for athletes of all kinds. You can create your own communities, connect with friends and teammates, use tools such as a training log, read and share fitness articles, and record your stats and compare them to others.

We hope the above resources help you promote yourselves and your business online. Remember, you don’t need to be stuck with just one place online such as Facebook, because you can be sure that so many other SWA members will be promoting SWA Ultimate heavily in Facebook. 🙂


Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Beyond Facebook

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