SWA Ultimate and Your Friends and Relatives

You’re excited about your Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate online business, and you want to tell all your friends and relatives! Just a piece of friendly advice: Don’t Tell Them.

Here’s why…

There’s a 99.99% chance that your friends, family, and well-meaning relatives will not support you.

Knowing that, do you honestly want to set yourself up for rejection and pain?

Out here on the internet, Attraction Marketing rules! Don’t go out and force your ideas or business down people’s throats. You mainly wait for those who are truly interested to contact you.

But what about those relatives and friends that you don’t want to leave behind?

Okay… Here’s the Friends and Family Facebook Marketing Strategy

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The Friends and Family Facebook Tactic is posted here:

[Content protected for Swa-gold members only]

The above tactic will help you easily find out who among your friends and relatives are interested in your business, without the risk of fights, samaaan ng loob, or rejection.

To Your Success!


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