Facebook Sharing Power

Do you want more people to talk about you, your company, or your product? Get them to share things about you online, such as on Facebook…

Let’s face it… People LOVE to share!

And on Facebook, sharing is just a few clicks away.

To succeed in Online Sharing Marketing, you need to understand why people like to share.

Check out this Online Sharing Tip (online video tutorial in Taglish), which is premium content revealed to you who are part of Team Manny Viloria.

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Sharing Power Revealed!
[private_swa-gold]Here’s what makes people share stuff online:

Next Steps: Look for a bit of trivia related to your favorite ebook or product, then create a video of you talking about that unique bit of info.

Yung tipong: “Did you know that…”

In your video, mention your website. So when people share that trivia video, more people will hear or even see the address of your website.

Or video yourself doing something unique. 😀

To Your Success!


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Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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