After SWA, What’s Next?

What do you do after reading the ebooks in the SWA Ultimate ebook library? Lots!

You can upgrade your skills and look into Blog Marketing. With your blog, you can create a place on the web where people will read, watch, and listen to what you have to say.

You can talk about your business opportunity, compensation plan, products, and services.

You will, in effect, DUPLICATE yourself, because people will be able to see or hear your explanation… even while you sleep.

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Soon, you’ll discover how you can maximize the things you’ve read and learned from SWA Ultimate!

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Manny M. Viloria – Tara, mag stock market na tayo!

The Limitless Johnny Bodegas and Mark Deximo

Filipino network marketers have been asking about the up and coming The Limitless business opportunity of Johnny Bodegas. The company is called The Limitless Innovations Marketing Ventures, Inc, and while we haven’t seen the list of officers yet, here are some of the high profile network marketers in Johnny’s circle…

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SWA Ultimate Policy Changes

Please note that the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate policies have recently been modified.

One of the key changes is that it may take Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) anywhere from fifteen (15) to ninety (90) working days to process and fulfill payout requests.

In contrast, they will fulfill payout requests for SWA UltiMind commissions in 1 to 5 working days.

Both products an electronic information products, and are paid for in practically the same way (i.e., via bank deposit to the corporate bank account of SWAPI).

We’ve asked SWA Ultimate / SWA UltiMind owner Francis Chaves why there is a huge difference in the payout request fulfillment timing between the two affiliate programs, and will update this post once we receive his reply.

SWA Ultimate Should Automate

SWA Ultimate should automate if it ever hopes to catch up on the backlog of Payout Request Fulfillment. If, for example, there are 500 payout requests each day, but the SWA Ultimate finance group can physically send out only 300 SWA commission payments (e.g., via LBC) per day, then in just two weeks, they’ll have a backlog of 2,800 unpaid payout requests. No wonder some SWA leaders have posted in Facebook that they’re working so hard (“working their *** off”) to fulfill all those payout requests.

Clearly, SWA Ultimate should automate. Here are some reasons why they don’t appear to have automated after all this time…

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Are SWA Ultimate and Ignition Marketing The Same?

No, SWA Ultimate and Ignition Marketing are not the same. And neither do they belong to one and the same company.

There are two different companies: Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) and the Ignition Marketing Co. (which is a Partnership and not a Corporation such as SWAPI).

There are other differences also. Read on…

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Are SWA Ultimate Members Spammers?

Question: “Are SWA Members spammers?”

Answer of Manny M. Viloria: “No… but I’ve seen at least three SWA Leaders who published that they love spamming. Probably because Spam Marketing has helped them be where they are right now.”


Question: “Do you condemn spamming?”

Answer: “I do NOT recommend spamming, because Facebook does not like it.”

Question: “Will spamming help me make lots of money?”

Answer: “Spamming has helped some people make money. Spamming has also helped others make no money at all. It’s a tool, and the results vary.”

Question: “What can you say about about those who are proud of, or who love spamming?”

Answer: “I’m amazed that some SWA Leaders are willing to publish such I-Love-Spamming statements online, especially since the SWA Ultimate Policy has Section 9.08, which is against Spamming.”

Ignition Marketing Review

Here’s a review of Ignition Marketing, the latest online marketing training program launched by Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes, three of the Top Pinoy Internet Marketing Experts in the world.

Is Ignition Marketing Co. a scam? Is it for real? Here’s the behind the scenes look brought to you by an actual customer of IM.

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SWA Ultimate Payouts Delayed

If you’re interested in the SWA Ultimate pay plan, you need to know that some SWA payouts have been delayed. While the promise made by Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc (SWAPI) is fulfillment/payment of payout requests in 10 to 15 banking days, there have been cases where 30 calendar days have passed and the payout has not yet been paid.

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SWA Ultimate and the G4H4B4 System

Tanong: “Ano ang G4H4B4 system?” (Jump to the English version)

Sagot ni Manny M. Viloria´╗┐: “Yan ang ‘Get 4, Help 4, To Bring 4’ system na in-explain ni Ronald Machete sa YouTube. Bale ang focus ay magkaroon ka ng 4 na Direct Referrals. Kung may ika-5 na Direct Referral, isa-sign up mo siya bilang Direct Referral ng inyong unang DR, para matulungan mo ang iyong DR na maka 4 na DRs din.”

Tanong: “Ano po ang goal sa G4H4B4?”

Sagot: “Ang tina-target po ay at least P3.0 million in total Pay Plan 2 Commissions sa loob ng 12 months.”

Tanong: “Ano po ang kailangang malaman?”

Sagot: “Kung paano maka-attract ng 4 direct referrals sa loob ng isang buwan.”


Question: “What is the G4H4B4 system?”

Answer of Manny M. Viloria´╗┐: “That’s the Get 4, Help 4, To Bring 4 system explained by Ronald Machete in YouTube. It is an MLM technique taught to him by Jeffrey Perez.

The focus is on acquiring 4 Direct Referrals.

And if ever you will have a 5th direct referral, you will instead sign that person up under your 1st Direct Referral. In doing so, you are helping your 1st Direct Referral gain referrals and reach the “Get 4 Direct Referrals” target faster.”

Question: “What is the goal sa G4H4B4?”

Answer: “They seem to be targeting around P3.6 million in 12 months. If you run the numbers through Excel, however, it’s more like P6.9 million in 12 months, assuming everyone gets 4 direct referrals in one month.”

While the G4H4B4 system is admirable because people who are able to attract more than 4 direct referrals can end up helping those who are not able to attract 4 direct referrals, here are some things you need to consider:

1. SWA Ultimate Pay Plan 1 Cycle Commissions will be pegged at $70/cycle if you have less than 7 Direct Referrals, which is going to be the case if you strictly follow the G4H4B4 system.

2. When you get 4 Direct Referrals, you will end up helping your 1st and 4th Direct Referral more, because (in terms of the $20 commissions), your 2nd and 3rd Direct Referrals get passed-up and you will not benefit from their direct referrals (as far as Pay Plan 2 is concerned).

In other words, you will focus on 2 people (your 1st and 4th DR).

3. When your first 4 Direct Referrals each bring in their own 4 Direct Referrals, you will focus your help on their 2nd and 3rd Direct Referrals. In other words, you’re now going to focus on 4 people (the 2nd/3rd DR of your 1st DR, and the 2nd/3rd DR of your 4th DR).

4. In the next level, you will discover that you will benefit from 8 passed up $20 commissions. Therefore, you will now focus on those 8 people and help them acquire 4 Direct Referrals each.

5. You can see the pattern now. The number of people you will need to help and motivate will double each month.

6. You need a system that will easily and quickly train people on How To Attract 4 Direct Referrals In 30 Days. Otherwise, all your time will be spent helping and training more and more people.

One of the things you will need to teach people is: How To Send Lots of Visitors To Any Website.

At kung interesado kang matutunan yan, puntahan mo ang

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria
Your Fellow SWA Customer

Coach Kiko Javier Resigns from SWA Ultimate

In the July 28, 2014 official SWA Ultimate Newsletter, we first found out that Francis Hermes Sison Javier (aka Coach Kiko Javier) resigned from Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation (SWAC) and Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc. (SWAPI) due to personal reasons and to pursue his t-shirt business.

In the interest of disclosure and transparency, you should be aware that Coach Kiko was SWA Founding Member 001.

This means that every SWA member was by default a downline of Coach Kiko Javier.

(I joined SWA in April 2012 after watching a video of Coach Kiko Javier and after communicating with him.)

Coach Kiko was also considered the right hand man of Francis Chaves. Kanang kamay ni FC si “Tatay” Kiko.

Does this now mean that people whose direct SWA Upline used to be Coach Kiko now have Francis Chaves as their direct upline?

We’re still awaiting the response from the SWA Admins regarding that.

Coach Kiko resigned effective July 2, 2014 and some people are wondering why anyone in the 001 position would resign.

After all, even if he does not do anything, he will benefit from the marketing efforts of all his downlines. Each time someone cycles, that person will re-appear in a new slot in the SWA matrix. And eventually, Coach Kiko’s matrix will be filled with re-appearing SWA members which will help Coach Kiko earn cycle commissions from SWA.

Why is Coach Kiko forfeiting this type of passive income?

We don’t know. Perhaps he will say something about this in the future, but that’s just a guess.

In the meantime, we are connecting with people who are interested in the SWA ebooks and in development. For more info about this, please see

To Coach Kiko, thank you for inspiring us over the past 2 years. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria
Your Fellow Regular SWA Customer