Supreme Wealth Alliance Scam

Some people are asking if the Supreme Wealth Alliance is a scam, because they’re probably mistaking it for the old 2009 version of SWA. Well, we’re talking about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program of Francis Chaves (Chavesnet Enterprises), which offers an online library containing over 270 ebooks.

People join SWA Ultimate and are able to download ebooks that talk about self-development and motivation, health, business, and marketing tips.

It’s understandable why a few people will quickly dismiss SWA Ultimate as a scam, because some of the SWA members keep promoting the earning potential of the Pay Plans or Compensation Programs of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate.

Apparently, this focus on the potential earnings makes a few people ignore the goldmine that they’re sitting on top of. Yes, when you join SWA Ultimate [imwb_cgt_countryName] you will have access to that online library of ebooks.

What can you do with those ebooks? Plenty.

You can read and apply the tips.
You can teach others those tips.
You can help yourself and others succeed in their business.
You can reap the benefits of your added knowledge, and even share in the financial success of others.

In the future, we shall feature some of the ebooks inside the online library of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program, so that you can judge for yourself whether the one-time joining fee is truly worth it.

Are SWA members able to download the ebooks? YES.
Do SWA members who earn commissions get paid? YES.

In the meantime, we encourage SWA members to talk more about the product (ebook library). Please pick any ebook that you like, and then blog about it. Thanks! 🙂

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