What To Say To Your Warm Market?

Are you wondering why you talked to your friends, family, relatives, and other people you personally know, and yet you haven’t convinced them to join you in SWA Ultimate?

Well… It’s not your fault.

You most likely just haven’t received the proper training or gotten the right tools yet…

In Team Manny Viloria, we teach the “N Strategy”, or what you need to say to your kaibigan, kakilala, kapamilya, kamag-anak, kaklase (kamag-aral), kapitbahay (Warm Market).

The video is available here:


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While SWA Ultimate is an online business, we still teach TMV members offline marketing methods such as “How To Speak With Your Warm Market”…

  • What to say?
  • How to say it?
  • Why say the words we teach you to say?
  • Where and how to explain the SWA Ultimate online business to your friends and family?

We also teach you about Blog Marketing and how you can build your name and online reputation first, and then your business second.

Some people might tell you that blogging is too hard or cannot be duplicated. And some of those people might even tell you that right inside their own blog.

In Team Manny Viloria, we blog and we teach others how to blog also.

And for those who are just getting started, we also offer the “Just 5 Minutes A Week” strategy that anyone can EASILY do!

Yes, even my 94-year old grandma (or Lola-Ninang, as we fondly call her) can quickly do this! After all, it’s just 5 minutes… per week! 🙂

So if you’re looking for solid training and practical step-by-step guides, Join Team Manny Viloria today!

To Your Success! 🙂

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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