Miles Bofill and SWA Ultimate

Here’s a quick video of Miles Bofill (Team Manny Viloria) and her SWA Ultimate success story…

Video Source: Supreme Wealth Alliance Support Group – Manny Viloria

There are people asking how they can succeed with SWA Ultimate if all they have is a cellphone and access to Facebook.

The Answer: Get help from Team Manny Viloria.

In the above example, our team produced a video for Miles Bofill (friend of Jaime Parmis). All she mainly focused on was to share with her friends the story about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program.

What motivated Miles is her burning DESIRE to help her parents.

That made her ignore issues such as: “What if I’m not a techie?”

And given her results (3 direct referrals in just a few days), we are encouraged to help her even more with through the power of Video Marketing.

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