Network Marketing or Marketing Network?

A lot of people in SWA Ultimate are asking what they should do first. So our question is: Are you involved in Network Marketing or Marketing Network?

If you’re involved in Network Marketing, then the Network comes first.

You can build your Network by giving people value. It can be by sharing something Useful or Entertaining with them.

If you focus on simply copy/pasting advertisements of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program on your Facebook wall, then what you’re doing is Marketing Network.

You’re Marketing first, before trying to build your Network.

We’ve seen some people give misguided information that you should Market in order to build your Network.

Ask yourself: When you attend a party or a gathering, how do you feel towards people who shove their business cards into you hand, and start pitching you about their company or their latest and greatest gadget?

Did that make you want to buy from them?

Here in Team Manny Viloria, we encourage you to: Build Your Name First, then your business second.

You can build your name by being of service to others.

For example, instead of peppering your Facebook wall with SWA Ultimate ads, you can post:

1. Status update
2. Shoutout
3. Funny/Entertaining Video
4. Inspirational Quote
5. Life Event Photo
6. Restaurant/Movie/Book Review
7. Tutorial about SWA
8. Link to your latest blog post
9. Birthday Greetings
10. Share any of the SWA Ultimate videos in:
(then go back to Step 1)

Do you see what’s happening?

You are creating a Facebook wall that people will want to read, because it is not purely about SWA ads of young kids flashing wads of P1000 or P500 bills, or people withdrawing from ATMs, or that familiar SWA Red Circle Logo.

You are, instead, creating a Facebook wall that shows YOU and your personality.

Remember, people will join SWA not because of SWA. They will join SWA… because of YOU.

Even the Top SWA Earners have been saying all this time that it is all Because Of YOU.

And that’s why you need to let people know more about you. Your interests and dreams. And more importantly, how YOU can help THEM.

How can you help others?

I know you’re super-busy. So the best way you can help others is through the internet.

You can publish your words, upload your voice/video, and share INFORMATION with people. Give them info that will help them save on research time, and they will LOVE you.

You can write in English or in any other language. After all, I’m sure you’re not the only one who understands the language you are comfortable with.

You’re invited to Join Team Manny Viloria and discover how you can grow past the old, boring, and annoying Facebook photo-tagging spam that some people have brainwashed you with in the past.

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See you on the inside! 🙂

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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