Italy Housewife’s SWA Ultimate Secret

Have you seen the SWA Ultimate testimonial video of a Filipina housewife who’s now living in Italy? She talks about how she shares SWA in Facebook. But there’s an important key success ingredient that was not revealed in the video. And we’re going to tell you what it is…

Here’s the video:

In the video, Marivic Son shares how she earns much more now with SWA Ultimate than she did as an P8,000/month saleslady standing practically the whole day in the Philippines.

With SWA, she can treat her family in the Philippines without having to ask her husband for funds.

In the video, she talks about sharing SWA Ultimate in Facebook via Sharing, copy/pasting ads, and photo-tagging.

What we didn’t hear in the video is how she uses a website and an email list to effectively market SWA.

If all you’ll do is copy/paste advertisements in Facebook, you will not be able to duplicate what Marivic has experienced, because you don’t have a separate website whose main goal is to market SWA via email.

In Team Manny Viloria, we help our team members by providing the Website + Video + Email Marketing system… automatically.

And, we also answer your questions on how to achieve this, if you also want to build it yourself.

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Remember, you must Invest In Yourself First, Before Others Will Invest In You!

See you on the inside!

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Manny Viloria

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