Do I Have To Be A Blogger?

Although we highly recommend that you publish your own blog, no, you do not have to be a blogger to succeed in SWA Ultimate (especially if you belong to a team which has a blog).

There is, however, one thing which we encourage you to do on a regular basis…

And that’s to read any 3 pages of “The Game of Life” ebook every week.

Just 5 minutes each week.

That’s found in the requirements of the SWA Ultimate Made Easy Package.

That’s available when you join Team Manny Viloria.

It looks quite simple… just read any 3 pages that you like in “The Game of Life” ebook. Every week.

But please keep in mind, even a simple 5 minutes a week activity can be quite a challenge. And please be aware that you will change.

Your mindset will be transformed. Your life will feel brand new. And you will be inspired to:

  • Study the training materials.
  • Publish a blog.
  • Help others.

And once you get on the road towards becoming a Person for Others, your success will kick into high gear!

You will feel more fulfilled. You will gain more friends. And you will realize that you are making a difference!

Are you ready to read 3 pages of an ebook every week?

Are you committed to giving 5 minutes of your time weekly?

Then enter your Name and Email on the form on the right, and join Team Manny Viloria today!

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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