eLearning and SWA Ultimate

Are you an educator or trainor interested in eLearning? You will enjoy access to an eLearning mentor inside the community of SWA Ultimate members. If you’ve ever dreamed of having an additional source of semi-passive income via the internet, check out this business model…

1. You will identify a topic that you enjoy teaching, that people will be willing to pay $55 (or P2,500) to learn online.

2. You will publish YouTube videos showing samples of your lessons.

3. You will easily build a blog that will feature your sample online video tutorials.

4. Once you’re an SWA Member, one of your fellow SWA members (an eLearning mentor) will help send people to your blog.

5. People who are interested in learning from you will ask you about how they can pay you $55 for your online course. One way for you to accept payment is by sending them your SWA Ultimate referral link.

6. People will join SWA Ultimate under you, and you will earn $20 per customer (especially if you use the two-account strategy at SWA).

7. Once you get confirmation of the payment, you will then email your customer the location of your online video tutorials.

That’s it!

Do you need help in learning:

How to create a blog?
How to create a video and upload it to YouTube?
How to market your blog so that you spread the word about your tutorials?
How to correctly set-up your SWA membership so that you maximize your earnings?

You will have access to an eLearning mentor who will be your supportive fellow SWA member.

He is Manny Viloria (go ahead and Google his name) and he will happily assist you because you joined SWA Ultimate via SupremeWealthAlliance.net

Please watch this video:

Yes, you can do it! 🙂

Exclusive SWA Ultimate Bonus:
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