How Do I Invite People To Join SWA Ultimate?

There are two main ways to invite people to join SWA Ultimate under you.

You can personally invite them face-to-face, over the phone, via SMS text, or through online chat.

And there’s the EASIER way… 🙂

Remember, SWA Ultimate is an online product. It is an online library of ebooks.

When you offer SWA ebooks or even the SWA business to people who are ONLINE, it becomes much easier.

  • No need for face-to-face presentation.
  • No need for personal phone calls.
  • No need for Facebook chats.

You let your online presence, your blog, or your webpage do all the talking for you.

Like this webpage that you’re reading right now, for example.

I might be asleep. Or I might be traveling. And yet, here we are “talking” about SWA.

Do I personally invite people to SWA? No.

Various webpages do the inviting for all the members of Team Manny Viloria. And you can enjoy that also when you become part of TMV.

Simply enter your Name and Email address on the form on the right, and you can receive info, tips, and tutorials sent to your Inbox. It’s EASY!

There. Did you see it?

I did not personally invite you to join TMV. It is this webpage that did the inviting.

If you’re used to direct selling and distributing physical products such as health supplements, bags, shoes, cellphone cards and other tangible items, you will pleasantly find the online business of electronic information products much easier.

And if you are super busy at the moment, and are unable to create your blog right now, but you can invest 5 minutes of your time each week reading 3 pages from “The Game of Life” ebook, then please see the SWA Ultimate Made Easy package.

It will AMAZE you! 🙂

Good luck! Join TMV! And I’ll see you on the inside…

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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