How Facebook Fan Pages Can Damage You

If you’re trying to market SWA Ultimate via Facebook fan pages, then congratulations! That’s great! Just be aware, however, that if improperly handled, FB fan pages can destroy you.

Yes, your credibility is at stake.

Here’s what I mean…

When you’re first starting out online and you have a handful of blog posts, it becomes hard to believe how a Facebook fan page about you can get thousands of fans in such a short period of time.

Okay, so maybe you are THAT popular. 🙂

When people look at the profiles of your fans, however, you can somehow “sense” that a FB account isn’t quite… believable.

Yes, you might end up giving the impression that you paid someone to boost the number of your fans on Facebook. And that person simply used robots or fake profiles to pad the number of fans displayed on your page.

So to our friends who are building Facebook fan pages, our recommendation is:

Allow your number of fans to grow NATURALLY.

Publish useful or entertaining articles online, and invite those who appreciate what you’ve done to LIKE your page.

Yes, it can be very tempting to show that you have a gazillion fans, but it can be quite obvious if you’re going about it in an unnatural way.

And what’s worse, your credibility can be damaged.

Moreso if you’ve been known in the past for proudly telling others how you’ve:

  • Created fake FEMALE profiles in Facebook, just to attract MALE customers for your product or business.
  • Bundled a lot of small bills, and then placed a P1,000 bill on top of the stacks just to get people excited about mega-earnings (in Tagalog: Baliwan! Budol-Budol!)
  • Laughed with others online, remembering the “good old days” when you “played the game.”

So remember, your FB fan page can help build your rep, or bring down your credibility.

And if you trash your credibility in your blind pursuit of having so many thousands of FB fans (some of whom look like they’ve never even seen you or read any of your online articles before), what exactly have you gained?

I know you’re better than certain desperate networkers… You’re lightyears ahead…

And so…

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See you on the inside… 🙂

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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