Do You Need A Second SWA Account?

If you already have a SWA Ultimate account, why would you want another account? Here’s why…

UPDATE (7/17): This page has been superseded by this –

We all know that you have the freedom, the right, and the power to choose where to buy the training and online mentoring that you want, but if you already have a SWA Account, please consider not upsetting your existing SWA Upline by getting another P2,500 SWA account for yourself, just to avail of the TMV Online Training and Automatic Marketing System.

Please understand that some people treat the Upline-Downline relationship as a MARRIAGE, and some of them look forward to your undivided attention, loyalty and devotion, especially given all the help, dedication, support and training that your SWA Upline has been giving you all this time.

Now if all you want is just access to the Team Manny Viloria Group in Facebook for the online marketing training tips and inside info, and you’re not interested in the done-for-you SWA username promotion and blog writing service, you may click here and send Manny Viloria a $100 Amazon Certificate (USD ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS)

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Manny Viloria

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