How To Answer: Is SWA Ultimate A Pyramiding Scam?

How do you answer prospects who ask you if SWA Ultimate is a pyramiding scam? Here’s our suggested approach…

First of all, do not argue with them.

How To Answer - SCAM Ba Yan?

When a prospect asks you if the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program is just a scam, you have already LOST.

Yes, you have already lost your prospect, because in his or her mind, there exists a mountain of DOUBT.

And no amount of presentations, arguments, or debates from YOU will ever remove the doubt that is already present in your prospect’s mind and heart.

Your reasons and personal stories for saying that SWA Ultimate is not a scam are best placed in an online video or blog post for people to VOLUNTARILY watch or read.

For example:

Those who are open-minded will read what you’ve written or listen to what you have to say.

Those who are not open-minded or who probably have had an unpleasant experience with network marketing companies in the past will appreciate you for giving them the option to click on the STOP button, or for giving them the choice to read a different web page.

On the other hand, when you debate with someone, whether face to face or through online chat, you are putting them on the spot.

You are taking away from them the chance to ignore you quickly. You are, in effect, trying to make them realize that what they believe in is completely wrong.

It’s like you’re forcing them to admit that they are wrong while you are right.

Two things can happen:

1. They will all the more hold on to their initial belief that SWA Ultimate is just a scam.
2. They will change their mind and perhaps even join you in SWA.

Either way, you lose.

Even if you “change” their mind and earn your $20 Pay Plan 2 Commission, you will have a team member who does not truly believe in SWA. You will have a team member who said that you’re right, but deep inside still believes that SWA is a scam.

Kumbaga, nabola o na-salestalk mo lang siya.

And when that team member communicates with other people, those other people will sense the doubt that is inside your “convinced” team member.

Do you want a team of doubters “winning” debates with doubting prospects, only to grow a larger team of doubters?

Or do you want to nurture a group of True Believers?

So here’s the suggested approach when faced with prospects who do not trust SWA or who are worried that it’s just a scam:

Prospect: “Is SWA Ultimate a SCAM?”

YOU: “I’m trying to understand your point of view… Have you been scammed before?”

Prospect: “Well… not me, personally. But I know someone who got scammed in the past.”

YOU: “Really? I’m sorry to hear that… Please tell me more about it.”

Prospect: “This is what happened…”

What you are going to do now is to LISTEN to your prospect.

Forget about selling, marketing or sharing SWA. Your role now is to listen.

Let your blog pages or online videos do all the presenting. Let your online presence serve as your testimonial for SWA. Let your online video tutorials (or your Team’s multimedia presentations online) do the explaining for you.

For face-to-face interaction with “negative” people, just focus on LISTENING.

These people are not really against you. They are not dream stealers. They are simply people who have a painful past, whether personally experienced or felt through the stories of their friends.

People who are in pain do not need another painful confrontation or argument.

They need to be healed. And you can heal them… by listening.

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