After SWA, What’s Next?

You might be wondering: “What else should I do? What’s next?”

Okay, let’s review this SWA Ultimate Success Checklist…

Have you done the following?

[ ] Publish your blog in
[ ] Publish your “About Me” page (talks about you and SWA)
[ ] Display in your “About Me” page a SWA Video
[ ] Link that SWA Video to your Email Marketing page
[ ] Publish at least one blog post
[ ] Publish a blurb at the bottom of each blog post (“The above post is brought…”)
[ ] Link your blurb to your “About Me” page
[ ] Promote your latest blog post in your Facebook wall/timeline

If you’ve done all that, what remains is for you to blog about your experience with different Products or Services, and then promote that latest blog post in Facebook.

Remember, you plant first (blog), before you harvest.


  • You can also promote your blog or latest blog post in YouTube, if you have uploaded a video there.
  • You can also publish your own ebooks.

For more newcomers, focus first on blogging and promoting your useful/entertaining blog posts.

Build your audience of supporters or fans.
Serve people first.
Give before you get.

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Manny Viloria


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