SWA Ultimate Scam Questions Answered – Nov 2013

We’ve been receiving questions about issues raised in various “SWA Ultimate Might Be A Scam Because…” type of blog posts floating all over the web. Here’s our response to some of those observations…

1. “Ebooks are freely downloadable.”

SWA is not just about ebooks. It’s also about connecting with people and learning from them.

2. “Ebooks are copyrighted.”

The reviewer apparently does not know about ebooks with Resell Rights. Probably because the reviewer hasn’t even been inside the SWA library.

3. “Why aren’t SWA ebooks sold through Amazon?”

The reviewer is not familiar with the rules of Amazon.

4. “Focus on recruitment.”

Not everyone in SWA is focused on recruitment. There are groups also focused on training and development.

5. “Ebooks are just a smokescreen; it’s all about recruitment.”

The statement of the reviewer is not accurate. Look at us… you’re not my downline, and yet here we are helping one another and learning from each other.

6. “The money comes from recruiting.”

Not all the time. There are many ways to earn here in SWA. It’s not all about recruiting. It’s about learning from one another.

7. “You cannot sell this idea to a complete stranger.”

Over 95% of my customers are people I’ve never met before.

8. “You cannot work on your own time.”

The reviewer is apparently not aware of Blogs, which are available online all the time.

9. “They think Filipinos are not intelligent.”

I think the reviewer is unaware that Filipinos can use online marketing to address the points he has raised.

10. “It costs P3,000 to build a website.”

Actually, some websites can be built for P100. Some, for P150,000 which tells me that the reviewer lacks experience in the field of online marketing.

11. The reviewer may be using his article to attract attention to his own business offer.

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