How To Handle SWA Ultimate Inquiries

Before you excitedly answer SWA Ultimate inquiries of prospects in Facebook, you’ll need to ask this question first…


The special question is: “Am I the first person you communicated with regarding SWA?”

Although there is no formal policy (as of the time of this writing), it’s part of the unwritten culture of SWA to request prospects to support the group of the person they first spoke with regarding the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program.

It’s possible that someone else already answered a lot of the questions in the past of the person who’s now contacting you, and if that prospect joins you instead of the previous SWA member, that SWA member will feel bad.

You might even be considered a “sulutero” or “sulutera” (the word SULOT refers to the act of grabbing someone else’s prospect).

When someone asks you to tell them more about SWA, please ask the following:

1. Am I the first person you communicated with about SWA?

If the answer is YES, then go ahead and continue entertaining their questions.

If the answer is NO, then say: “Please coordinate with the person who you first communicated with about SWA.” (Or give them a link to a webpage that explains things for you.)

Sometimes, the prospect will insist on joining YOUR group. After all, they’re the paying customer and they have the right to choose whom to work with.

2. Why do you want to work with me and my team, even if you’ve already communicated with another group?

If their answer is “I really prefer your group,” then please explain to the prospect the SWA culture that discourages sulutan.

If they persist and insist on joining your group, then please consider communicating with their first point of contact lest you be accused of prospect-grabbing.

You need to realize that there are quite a few people who spend a LOT of time answering the questions of SWA prospects.

There are thousands of people who still don’t have a blog. In effect, they manually type and re-type their answers to the questions of future customers.

They spend hours on end, just to answer these queries.

And if the prospect joins someone else, these first point of contact SWA members will understandably feel bad. It’s like someone used them only for research purposes, but gave the commission to a different SWA members.

That’s why I invite you to learn more about Blog Marketing, because this will help you handle those cases where your own prospects ending joining SWA under someone else. 🙂

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Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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