SWA Ultimate April 2014 Update

Here’s the latest Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate update…

So the SWA Car Explosion Promo has ended, and we’re now waiting for Francis Chaves and the SWA Admins to announce who made it to the March 31, 2014 cut-off (3rd car raffle).

Perhaps with the end of this promo, SWA members will also focus on the SWA ebooks or will read and get more training in the field of Online Marketing.

We’re still seeing some SWA Payout-to-bank-deposit issues, with either the payouts being still undeposited even after 35 banking days, or the SWA eWallet pages not being updated for around 15 calendar days (resulting in the reversal of payout requests).

What is a Reversed Payout?

Let’s assume you’ve made a Payout Request for P15,000 but it turns out that you were already paid P10,000 in the past (except that the SWA Finance Team did not update your SWA eWallet online).

So after waiting around 5 banking days, you receive a notice from the SWA Admin that your entire P15,000 payout request is going to be reversed, because the Finance paid out part of it in the past.

That means you still have a balance of P5,000 unpaid (P15,000 – 10,000) and that you have to make another payout request for the remaining P5,000.

In other words, that’s 5 banking days wasted.

What should have been done was the reversal of only P10,000 and not the entire P15,000.

Anyway, as what we’ve learned from Coach Kiko Javier: “Let’s work with what we have.”

(NOTE: SWA Payouts to SmartMoney still seem to be holding up with the 7 banking days target.)

In the meantime, we’re reading more of the self-development and motivation ebooks inside the SWA online library, and will be helping more Pinoys gain access to the content in a more comprehensible format.

We’re also encouraging more of our fellow SWA members to gain more skills particularly in the areas of writing and blog marketing. One way of doing this is by connecting with more people in events such as the Philippine Blogging Summit (iBlog10) which was held last April 4 and 5, 2014 at the UP College of Law in Diliman, Quezon City.

And lastly, we’re patiently WAITING and HOPING for the group of Francis Chaves to incorporate SWA Philippines, Inc.

Until the next update…

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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