SWA Ultimate Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

SWA Ultimate (Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate) turned 2 years old on August 8, 2014. The celebrations were held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas, in Aseana City (Paranaque). Here’s a video containing the speech of Francis Chaves, CEO of SWA Philippines, Inc (SWAPI)…

(Francis Chaves appears in 2:13:20)

Mr Chaves announced the new SWA Ultimate promo where if you get 7 direct referrals, you will qualify for certain types of appliances or gadgets.

The difference in the Get 7 promo this year is that it is no longer raffle-based.

For as long as you hit the specific target (and subject to the terms and conditions), you will qualify.

Congratulations to SWA Philippines on its 2nd Anniversary!

(Among those seen in the video are Romel Gome Aguas, Lenton Montejo, Johnny Bodegas, Jeff Perez, and other top earners of SWA Ultimate.)

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