SWA Ultimate Payouts Delayed

If you’re interested in the SWA Ultimate pay plan, you need to know that some SWA payouts have been delayed. While the promise made by Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc (SWAPI) is fulfillment/payment of payout requests in 10 to 15 banking days, there have been cases where 30 calendar days have passed and the payout has not yet been paid.

We’ve also heard from some people that their payouts have been reportedly unpaid for more than 2 months.

Regular follow-ups with the SWA Admins over at the Customer Support Portal would yield responses related to “technical difficulties” — but without any other additional details.


What’s the solution? So far we’ve seen that some regular follow-ups eventually result in the actual payment of the payout request.

Another option for you is to choose to get paid via cheque.

You should make your request by Tuesday, and inform the SWA Admins through the Customer Support Portal.

The last we heard, cheque release is done on Fridays (as long as it’s a business day) at the SWAPI office in:

2093 M. Reyes St., Pio Del Pilar
Makati City, Philippines 1230

Be sure to bring a valid ID.

So to our friends: Be Patient. Be Persistent. Be Resourceful.

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria
Your Fellow SWA Customer

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