Are SWA Ultimate Members Spammers?

Question: “Are SWA Members spammers?”

Answer of Manny M. Viloria: “No… but I’ve seen at least three SWA Leaders who published that they love spamming. Probably because Spam Marketing has helped them be where they are right now.”


Question: “Do you condemn spamming?”

Answer: “I do NOT recommend spamming, because Facebook does not like it.”

Question: “Will spamming help me make lots of money?”

Answer: “Spamming has helped some people make money. Spamming has also helped others make no money at all. It’s a tool, and the results vary.”

Question: “What can you say about about those who are proud of, or who love spamming?”

Answer: “I’m amazed that some SWA Leaders are willing to publish such I-Love-Spamming statements online, especially since the SWA Ultimate Policy has Section 9.08, which is against Spamming.”

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