SWA Ultimate Should Automate

SWA Ultimate should automate if it ever hopes to catch up on the backlog of Payout Request Fulfillment. If, for example, there are 500 payout requests each day, but the SWA Ultimate finance group can physically send out only 300 SWA commission payments (e.g., via LBC) per day, then in just two weeks, they’ll have a backlog of 2,800 unpaid payout requests. No wonder some SWA leaders have posted in Facebook that they’re working so hard (“working their *** off”) to fulfill all those payout requests.

Clearly, SWA Ultimate should automate. Here are some reasons why they don’t appear to have automated after all this time…

1. Finding trusted people to handle all those payments is quite challenging.

2. Finding a bank that will handle SWA payments via some type of Payroll ATM card is quite challenging.

3. Reconciling SWA Accounting records and SWA IT records (to protect against double payment of payouts) is quite challenging.

Perhaps the slow payout of SWA Ultimate commissions is helping fuel the growth of online marketing training programs such as those of Ignition Marketing which fulfills all payouts every Wednesday.

To be fair, SWA used to fulfill payouts within 4 banking days when it was starting out in April 2012. Since Ignition Marketing (IM) launched last August 27, 2014 we can say that it’s still in the early stages. This explains why the IM finance group is able to complete IM payouts every Wednesday — there are still relatively fewer people requesting for payouts.

Looking forward, however, manual payout fulfillment systems such as the one used by SWA Ultimate and Ignition Marketing can get overwhelmed once the number of commission-earning members reaches a fairly large number.

Manual payout fulfillment systems, therefore, will remain vulnerable to new online marketing product offers whose newness comes with promt payout commissions (since there are few members at the start).

From what we’ve read, there are around 110,000 SWA Ultimate members.

If only one-half of one percent of those SWA members makes a payout request per day, that’s 550 payout requests per day. So if the Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) finance team manually fulfills 300 payouts per day, then you’ll end up with an ever-growing number of delayed payouts.

That’s why SWA Ultimate should automate its payout system soon and fulfill payouts on time, or else risk making programs such as the Ignition Marketing system with Wednesday payouts and P1,200 average commissions appear much more attractive and deserving of marketing efforts.


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