SWA Ultimate Review – Feb 28, 2015

Here’s a review of SWA Ultimate (or Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate), based on a recent experience with New Customer Account activation. Read on…

A customer paid P2,500 via direct deposit to the BDO account of Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) last February 18, 2015 and a new SWA account was registered online.

We sent regular follow-ups using the SWA Customer Support System, but did not receive any feedback at all from the SWA Admin. In the past, the SWA Admins would answer the Customer Support Tickets within 2 days.

In the February 2015 experience, however, it’s been 7 days already but there was Zero Response via the SWA Customer Support Ticket system.

During the past 7 days, we also sent messages to SWAPI Support via their Facebook page (Feb 21, 23, 24, and 25). SWAPI Support first replied on Feb 25 and asked about the nature of the support request, which gives me the impression that they did not review the Ticket Number which I sent them in my messages.

1. SWAPI Support claimed on Feb 25 that the new customer’s new SWA Username did not exist in the database.

We sent them a screenshot showing the successful online registration of the SWA Username.

2. SWAPI Support suggested that we repeat the registration process.

We sent them a screenshot showing the username was already registered.

3. On Feb 27, SWAPI Support advised that the new username has already been activated, and that the customer should use the new password provided by SWAPI Support.

Am waiting for SWAPI Support to answer the following:

  • Why did SWAPI Support change the password?
  • Why does the old password not work?
  • Why does the new password not work?

Bottomline: It’s been 7 calendar days, and the SWA Ultimate customer is unable to login and download the ebooks that she purchased.

In the past, new accounts were activated within 3 banking days, and there was no confusion regarding the existence of the registered account. There was also no confusion regarding the passwords.

If you like reading ebooks, please note that it may take more than 7 days before you get to download your ebooks.

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria

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