SWA Ultimate Pay Plan 3 Update

We saw a July 23, 2015 Facebook post by Francis Chaves about the SWA Ultimate and One Network Ecommerce online store collaboration, and about how “ibibigay na daw nila ang login links”

We’re assuming “nila” refers to One Network Ecommerce, while the login links pertain to the online store.

We logged into the SWA Ultimate members area today, and did not find the SWONE (SWA Ultimate + One Network Ecommerce) integration in the dashboard.

Just like you, we’re eagerly awaiting the release of the login links.

Could it be that the login area is different from http://swaultimate.com/auth ?

Stay tuned for further developments…

(For those asking why SupremeWealthAlliance.com is not reachable, it’s probably just a temporary internet connection issue.)

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