SWA UltiMind Updates

Francis Chaves of Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) is pre-launching SWA UltiMind, otherwise known as SWA Ultimate Pay Plan 3 (PP3). Here is the early September 2015 update…

The official launch is slated for 04 October 2015.

The product consists of 365 online videos (not downloadable) that teach people about Body, Mind, and Spirit.

These will be drip-fed or delivered at the rate of one (1) video per day. This means that it will take 365 days before you see all the videos, assuming SWAPI follows the schedule.

The great thing about this is you won’t get overloaded with too many videos. True, there are people who would like to binge-watch, and such people will probably be happier if they join 365 days after October 4. 🙂

We will give you feedback regarding the quality of the videos and how quickly they play online, as soon as we get to watch them.

NOTE: This product is a purely SWAPI effort, which means they are not partnering with another company.

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Until the next update…

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria


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