Internet Network Marketing Power

Do you know how to make the most of the internet in your network marketing projects? Here is the eye-opening revelation of how people are using the web to boost their MLM business…

First, let’s take a look at the traditional or offline way of doing network marketing.

Before, an upline or sponsor explains to you the business, and all you need to do is invite people to attend the orientation at some location. Or, you can bring your upline to a community where people are willing to listen to your upline explain the business.

The idea is that over time, by attending orientation after orientation, you will be able to make the presentation yourself. In that case, your upline was able to duplicate himself or herself, because now, you will be doing all the talking and the motivating.

The process is then repeated and duplicated, and you go off and find downlines who will eventually learn from you and do all the talking. In that process, you are able to duplicate yourself, and you will teach your downlines how to also duplicate themselves.

Fast forward to the internet and the web…

Today, you don’t need to bring people to a building or to some conference room. You will simply invite them to watch a video online, and that video will do all the talking and all the explaining.

In that example, it is the Upline who has maximized the power of the internet, because he or she no longer has to get a sore throat from delivering talk after talk, presentation after presentation.

But what about you?

Do you spend time adding random friends in Facebook?
Do you spend time posting status updates in your Facebook wall?
Do you spend time posting your business in the walls of your Facebook friends?
Do you spend time posting in various Facebook groups and fan pages?
Do you spend time LIKEing posts in Facebook?

And do you teach your downlines to do the same?

No matter which way you look at it, you are pretty much doing what is known as Flyering, or distributing flyers. Sure, it’s all done online, but the time you’re spending is still… a lot.

And then you hear about people who have been posting for MONTHS, and have yet to get even a single direct referral.

How do the Top Earners do it? Why do they earn hundreds of dollars in virtual checks?

Here’s why: They have a large network in Facebook. They have lots of friends.

What is a lot? At least 5,000.

What about you? How many friends do you have in FB? How large is your network?

While you have mastered the art of posting in Facebook, you have not yet discovered the secret of growing your network of friends.

If you want to tap the power of the internet, then you need to use the internet the duplicate yourself and gain friends or even fans in the process.

And believe me, simply posting FB updates is NOT duplicating yourself.

What you posted yesterday, you will need to post again in the future. You may have duplicated your action, but you did not duplicate yourself.

One way of duplicating yourself is by publishing something online, in a place that will remain accessible for a long time. Facebook wall posts have a life of around 16 minutes only, and that is definitely not considered a “long time.”

So, where should you publish online?

You should publish in YouTube, because even non-YouTube members can still watch your video.

You should publish in blogs such as in Blogspot or, because even non-members can read what you’ve posted in those free blogs.

You will discover that when you publish online, you will have duplicated yourself. You will have created, in effect, a “virtual downline” who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and who is able to say the exact same things that you want said.

And the best part is, you can even duplicate that electronic downline of yours. Again, through the power of the internet.

Look at you, for example. What are you reading right now? Is this a Facebook page? Or a basic blog page or webpage?

There. You have proven to yourself that webpages work, and that webpages are here to stay. That means that things you wrote and published in a webpage will stay for a long time. In other words, you are able to maximize your effort.

So, when will YOU start using the web and the internet to grow your network? Begin today, right now.

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