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Hello fellow SWA Ultimate members! You’ve been told to market SWA in Facebook. Wall post this, status update that. Well, that’s what hundreds of other Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate members are doing. If you want to be seen, you need to go beyond Facebook! Check this out…

Sure, there are 900 million Facebook members. Still, please keep in mind that not everyone wants to be in Facebook.

In fact, there are many active communities that are growing outside of Facebook. And who knows? You might share a common interest with them! Here are some of those special communities where you can make friends who may someday ask you about your SWA business…

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Here are online communities outside of Facebook…

For TMV members:


To become part of Team Manny Viloria, please see:

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We hope the above resources help you promote yourselves and your business online. Remember, you don’t need to be stuck with just one place online such as Facebook, because you can be sure that so many other SWA members will be promoting SWA Ultimate heavily in Facebook. 🙂


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Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Beyond Facebook

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