How To Inform

Inside the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Facebook group pages, you’ll often read or hear people say that: “Our job is to inform, not persuade.”

Which brings us to the following questions…

Who Do We Inform? What Do We Share?

One approach is: Inform all your Facebook friends by posting updates to your Facebook wall. These SWA Ultimate updates can refer to the massive earnings of the Top Earners, screenshots of their virtual checks showing hundreds or thousands of dollars, or YouTube videos explaining the Supreme Wealth Alliance pay out plan.

Together with this approach is the suggestion to send Random People “Add Me As a Friend” requests. The strategy behind this is a Volume Strategy.

The more Facebook friends you have, the more people will see your wall posts or status updates.

Our recommended alternative approach: [Coming Soon: How To Make Your Facebook Friends Love You]

When Do We Inform?

One approach is: All the time, whether you’re awake or asleep (with the help of an app that allows you to schedule your status updates or posts made in Facebook).

The reasoning behind that approach is that you don’t know when your Facebook friends are online to see your status updates. That’s why some people use an application or program that publishes updates when they’re asleep, just in case their FB friends are awake during that time.

In other words, it’s like they’re on Facebook all the time (even when they’re asleep), spreading the word about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program for all their FB friends to see.

Our recommended alternative approach: [Coming Soon: Finding The Right Time]

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