How To Start In SWA

People who join the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate or SWA Ultimate program often ask: “How Do I Start?” Well, here are your next steps…

1. Wait for your SWA Account to be Activated.

When you send payment via Western Union or LBC Express, or when you make a deposit to the bank account of Francis Chaves (BDO, BPI, Unionbank), or when you remit funds via SmartMoney or Globe G-Cash, please give the team of SWA CEO Francis Chaves time to verify your payment.

After they have verified your payment, please give Francis Chaves 24 hours to activate your SWA Account (Pay Plan 1).

Then, please give them an additional 24 to 48 hours to activate the Pay Plan 2 component of your SWA Account.

In order words, spend the next 3-5 days after you sent your payment planning how you will earn from this business, with the help of a solid marketing plan.

Resist the temptation to just go out and promote your SWA link left and right.

Remember, this is a marathon and not a quick 100 meter dash. 🙂

2. Think of what makes you UNIQUE and HELPFUL.

Ask yourself this question: “Why would someone get the SWA Ultimate online library through you?”

There are many people promoting SWA, so what is it that you can offer to those who will join you?

Since SWA is basically an information product, perhaps that is something you can offer to your own SWA customers: INFORMATION.

3. Let people know that YOU exist.

It is not enough for you to simply post in your Facebook wall about SWA. You need to establish your presence and your name online.

One way of doing this is by creating your BLOG.

To find out how to easily build your blog, please get your FREE tutorial at

4. Read the important ebooks inside the SWA Online Library.

a) Please visit the following webpage and log into your SWA Account:

b) Then, click on the “Product Download” link on the left side of your SWA main website.

c) Access the SWA Library QuickLinks (there’s a symbol of a lightning):

That’s it for now. Please let us know once you have your blog up, and which ebook you chose to read first. Thanks!

The content below is available to SWA Ultimate members who joined the team of Manny Viloria. If want more information about Team Manny Viloria and SWA, Click Here Now.

Here are the Most Important Ebooks to read first in the SWA Library…

[Content protected for Swa-gold members only]

We hope the above tip helps you save time. Since there are over 310 ebooks inside the SWA Library, you should know which ones to start with first, to maximize your time.


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