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One effective way of marketing any business online is by publishing your articles in your website or blog. And if you don’t have time to write, then you’ll love this Blog Writing Done For You service offered to those who join our SWA Team here at

Check this out…

Step 1. Make sure that you are a member of our SWA Group (Team Manny Viloria).

Step 2. We will create a quick blog for you, and blog articles will be added to it by our team of writers. You are free to add articles also on your own, when you have the time.

Step 3. All you need to do is email us the basic facts. Maximum of one email a week.

For example, if you want a blog about a restaurant you visited, please email the following:

Name of restaurant and location
Phone number of restaurant
When did you eat there
What did you eat
What did you like or not like

You may send us simple bullet lists. Pwede rin po in Tagalog.

Our writers will then create a blog post (using full sentences in English) from your quick email, and the techies will upload this to the blog that our team will create for you.

Over time, your blog and your name will become more visible on the internet. This will help you attract readers who may turn into fans of yours. Some of these fans may even support you in your SWA business later on.

Scope of this Blog Writing Done For You Service: Maximum of one blog post for you per week, based on your emailed basic background info. Maximum of thirty (30) blog posts done for you.

The content below is available to SWA Ultimate members who joined the team of Manny Viloria.

Here’s the email address where you will send your quick info for the Blogging Done For You service (maximum of one email a week):

[Content protected for Swa-gold members only]

We know the above Blogging Done For You service will help you save time. In the long run, you will also learn how to easily write, and when you have more time you will be able to add to your blog so that it grows much faster than one additional webpage per week. 🙂


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