Motivation and Real Estate Salespersons

Do you want more sales in real estate? One way of achieving this is by motivating your real estate salespersons. Inside the online library of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program is a series of ebooks that will help you boost the morale of your salespersons…

The name of the ebook series is Real Power by James Lee Valentine, and this comes in PDF format:

Real Power by James Lee Valentine

Real Power – Main.pdf
Real Power Series 01 – You.pdf
Real Power Series 02 – Passion.pdf
Real Power Series 03 – Thought.pdf
Real Power Series 04 – Being.pdf
Real Power Series 05 – Decision.pdf
Real Power Series 06 – Vision.pdf
Real Power Series 07 – Aim.pdf
Real Power Series 08 – Focus.pdf
Real Power Series 09 – Faith.pdf
Real Power Series 10 – Riches.pdf
The Man of Power.pdf
The Woman of Power.pdf
The Power of One.pdf
The Power of Two.pdf

The thing is, these ebooks are written in English. And when these are presented to some real estate salespersons, some of them complain: “Nosebleed!”

The solution: We are going to summarize the contents of the Real Power ebook series in Taglish, starting with the main PDF file. Here goes…

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Here is a quick and easy summary of Real Power Main.pdf to help you motivate your real estate salespersons…

[Content protected for Swa-gold members only]

We know the above Taglish summary of Real Power Main.pdf service will help you save time while leading your real estate sales agents to higher sales!

In the long run, you will also learn how to easily understand even more English words while connecting with your sales team. 🙂

Did You Know That… Most Managers in the Top 500 Corporations of the Philippines have an English vocabulary size of 2,000 words?


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