Facebook Marketing Done Right

Are you trying to earn money with Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate by pasting your ads left and right on Facebook? And are you still not getting any direct referrals or downlines?

You need to do Facebook marketing the effective and RIGHT way. Here’s how…

First of all, if you’ve been showing just ads (whether images or text) about SWA Ultimate, and your Facebook friends have not yet joined you, then you need to re-think your marketing strategy.

If you’ve been posting ads for more than 2 months, and you still don’t have at least 2 inquiries each month, then you need to change your Facebook marketing approach.

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Here’s a different FB marketing tactic that you can try.

Now on to the effective Facebook Marketing tip:

Instead of just posting ads, publish helpful videos.

Then inside the video, that’s where you display your ad for whatever business it is that you wish to promote (such as SWA Ultimate).

Your friends in FB will appreciate your wall posts, because they contain mostly useful or entertaining videos (instead of the usual flood of ads). And if they like the video, some of them will take the time to click the ad which appears there. The ad will bring them to your SWA website, for example.

Another benefit is that you protect yourself from Facebook. If you keep posting ads, FB will eventually ban the website address that you are trying to promote.

But if you’re posting helpful or entertaining videos, your wall posts will not be banned.

Here’s an example of a video, with ads inserted: SWA Ultimate Animation Video

So the question is…

How do we insert ads in videos? Ah, that will be covered in a future tutorial.

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