SWA Pay Plan 2 Activation Update

We heard that there’s a large number of people joining the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program. As a result, it’s now taking 48 to 72 hours for the IT folks to activate the Pay Plan 2 account of new SWA members. Here’s why Pay Plan 2 activations are not as fast as Pay Plan 1 activations…

Pay Plan 1 activation is automated, while Pay Plan 2 has to be reviewed. That’s the case with the current software that powers SWA Ultimate.

What will new SWA members do during the first 3 days while waiting for Pay Plan 2 activation? There are plenty of things to do:

  1. You can read the ebooks in the online library.
  2. You can discuss marketing strategies with your friends in the SWA community.
  3. You can speak with people who are thinking of joining you in SWA Ultimate.

With the above 3 items, those 3 days will zip by faster than the MRT during EDSA rush-hour! 🙂

So please keep this in mind: Resist the temptation to rush into marketing.

You need both information and preparation if you wish to succeed online.

To Your Success! 🙂

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