JC Boon Lao Talks About SWA Ultimate

Let’s hear from Mr. JC Boon Lao, a Pinoy working in Japan, as he talks about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program, his appreciation for SWA CEO Franco Renato Chaves and Coach Kiko Javier, as well as the rest of SWA Team Japan…

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Imagine that. JC works 13 hours a day in a company in Japan, and while he spends time on his regular day job, the internet and SWA Ultimate help JC earn a semi-passive income.

And now, JC is in position to get an iPhone 4S courtesy of the June/July 2012 Gadget promo of SWA. That’s the power of Pinoy Teamwork! 🙂

SWA Ultimate JC Boon Lao of Team Japan

What a great way to wake up at 5:00 in the morning! No wonder the title of JC’s video is: “SWAMorning Senyu!”

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