Spiritual Development Ebooks

We’re excitedly waiting for the August 8, 2012 Grand Launch because Coach Kiko Javier announced in this evening’s Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate webinar that they will upload the Bible and other spiritual development ebooks in the SWA Ultimate online library.

The focus is on: Mind, Body, and Soul.

We are now counting the days leading up to the Grand Launch in August. And we assure you that whatever new ebooks we find there that interest us will surely be reviewed online.

Now some people keep harping on the fact that ebooks are everywhere on the web.

Well, SWA Ultimate is not just about ebooks.

SWA Ultimate is also about an Online Community.

SWA Ultimate Community

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Can you imagine how many people you will get to meet? How many lives you will touch? And consequently, how many lives will touch yours?

Can you even fathom the experiences and stories that hundreds if not thousands of people will share with you, as a result of that Community?

Today, I got to speak with one of the most generous people in this world.

And she wasn’t even a member of SWA Ultimate. In fact, she was inquiring about the program because she was thinking of joining.

Did you see that?

She is not a SWA member, and yet I learned a lot from her:

  • How NOT using a car can bring in more sales
  • How to sell to a certain group of people
  • What items sell well in online classified ads websites such as Sulit
  • What font-size of Sulit ads lead to sales of over P1.8 million in a few months
  • Where to advertise depending on who your buyers are
  • How laser-focus produces clear profits
  • …and so MUCH MORE!

So please don’t just focus on the $20 SWA Commissions (Pay Plan 2), or the $70 Pay Plan 1 commissions.

Look beyond that.

Expand your vision, and you will see the TRUE value of SWA Ultimate: It’s the Community of People.

SWA is ebooks. And SWA is people.

What a combination! 🙂

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