Bombastic Facebook Marketing Tactic

I’m about to share with you a Facebook marketing tactic that works so amazingly well, we’re surprised that very few people are using it.

A lot of people are posting their SWA advertisements on their Facebook walls, and on the walls of their FB friends. Most of these contain links to their SWA referral website, to their blogs, or even to their other online ads.

That’s okay and fine.

Now recently, some marketing tests revealed what is the most effective way to connect with people on Facebook.

If you have just a certain amount of time for Facebook each day, it will be wise if you invest your time doing the MOST EFFECTIVE activity.

For those who are not yet part of Team Manny Viloria, here’s a QUICK TIP:

Promote your blog more often than your straight SWA referral link, because that will help you connect more with people on Facebook.

And if you’re part of Team Manny Viloria, you will be discover the easy-to-do steps to boost your Facebook posting efforts in the special SWA-GOLD section below…

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Bombastic Facebook Marketing Tactic Revealed…
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Remember: Invest In Yourself, Before Others Will Invest In You.

Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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