Who SWA Ultimate Is For

Are you wondering who is the ideal customer or member of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program? Here’s a quick checklist to help you find out…

SWA Ultimate is ideal for the person who:

1. Likes to read ebooks – because Readers are Leaders.

2. Likes to improve herself or himself – because regular education brings you long-term SUCCESS.

3. Is independent and resourceful. May kusa at ma-abilidad.

If you refuse to find a way to raise an extra P2,500 for SWA, then how can you hope to earn an extra income of more than P2,500?

Answer: You first need to change your mindset, and then you need the RIGHT training, information, and tools.

You’ll find these tools and online training in Team Manny Viloria.

4. Is willing to learn by reading articles, by listening to MP3 files online, or by watching online videos.

5. Can send or receive funds via Western Union – has a govt ID with photo.

6. Can deposit funds to a BPI or BDO bank account.

7. Has a BPI or BDO bank account (optional)

8. Can be guided via tutorials sent thru email.

9. Can open PDF files (see http://get.adobe.com/reader)

10. Likes to share useful information with people, and is willing to publish this information online.

Kayo po ba ito?

Please register using the form on the right. Enter your Name, Email, and Phone number.

And please take note of the SWA member who will be your SWA Upline when you become an official SWA member. You will also become part of Team Manny Viloria.

In the SWA-Pinoy mailing list, you will receive additional information about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program. You’ll also receive tips and some tutorials.

Bakit masaya sa Team Manny Viloria?

  • You will be given your automatic Video+Email Marketing System – Gawa na po ito para sa inyo!
  • You will receive online training – Paano ginagamit ng mga Pinoy ang online marketing para kumita sa internet
  • You will learn the RIGHT way to market on Facebook
  • You will discover the EFFECTIVE way to market using YouTube videos
  • You will enjoy the benefits of automatic marketing tools
  • Magkaka-TIME po kayo, sapagkat ang Team Manny Viloria system ay 17 minutes a day lang po, 3 days a week (blogging). Plus 3 minutes a day, 3 days a week (Facebook marketing).
  • You will acquire more sales and marketing skills.
  • You will be shown fast-writing techniques.
  • Magiging more persuasive po kayo. Galing! 🙂
  • Makakagawa po kayo ng virtual employees, at sila mismo ang kakayod para sa inyo. Ikaw na ang boss!
  • …and many more!

So join the SWA-Pinoy mailing list today!

To Your Success!

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria

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