Do You Need A Computer for SWA Ultimate?

If you want to maximize your use of the SWA Ultimate Online Library (plus the bonus online business portion), please use a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook)…

Marami po kasing nagtatanong kung kailangan po ba talaga ng computer.

Tandaan po natin: This is a 100-percent online business.

Not everyone can do this business.

But if you have the option of providing the computer resources plus internet training to help those who are not currently QUALIFIED to run an internet business, then you have an admirable project. Go for it!

Here’s a recommendation: Work with people who have the necessary assets.

This is a BUSINESS.

Can you imagine someone putting up a restaurant… but not having tables, spoons, forks, plates?

So yes, you need computer tools and assets (plus an internet connection) in order to run an online business.

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