Temporary Downtime of Website

Sometimes, the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate main website may go offline. That’s normal. Even Philippine banks go offline sometimes. Here’s what you can do…

Tip #1: Work With What You Have.

You can add articles to your existing blog or website. And if you still don’t have a blog, you can easily build one today.

To get your online marketing tutorial, just type your Name, Email and Phone number on the form on the right.

Tip #2: Keep In Touch With Your Friends.

You can post a photo or an update in Facebook.

Remember, if people cannot access the main SWA Ultimate website, they will have questions. So post your answer on your FB wall.

For example – The SWA main website is undergoing maintenance, and shall be up soon. In the meantime, here’s a cute photo about…

Tip #3: Take a Walk.

If you want to grow your internet business, you need to spend time away from your computer.

Your body was not designed to just sit down the whole day (or whole night). Get up and walk.

Go to the mall. Eat out. Spend time with friends.

Take photos. Chat with others. Listen to their stories.

This will help you become more creative, and you’ll have more things to share with others.

Sa madaling salita, magiging mas interesting po kayo.

So learn to wait and go with the flow.

Di na kailangan maging masyadong HB. Magiging mas masaya po kayo, patin na rin ang mga tao sa paligid natin.

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