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One of the quickest ways to let people know about you, your website, and your offer is to advertise in popular Online Classifed Ads websites. Here are some things to consider…

1. Advertising Cost

Yes, you can advertise online for free. And if so many people do the same thing, your ad might be buried on page 2 of the long list of similar ads.

Kadalasan, matatabunan lang po ang free ad ninyo, kasi maraming tao ang nagpo-post ng free ad.

To increase the visibility of your online ad, you may need to pay for placement. Budget around P1,000 to P5,000 a month for this, depending on how many people are also posting paid ads similar to yours.

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2. Observe the Behavior of People

You need to find out what people do after they see your ad:

  • Do they contact you?
  • Do they buy from you?
  • Do they simply ignore your ad?
  • May effect ba ang day of the week?

3. Make Adjustments.

You can change the words in your ad. You can also change your offer. Or even change the photos.

The important thing is, you are able to monitor the changes and track the results.

When you do that, you will be able to maximize your online advertising expenses and use the appropriate marketing strategy.

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Results of Online Advertising (kelan nagwo-work ang Free, at kelan effective ang Paid Ads):
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Remember: Invest In Yourself, Before Others Will Invest In You.

Save time and money. Learn from these experiments, para malaman po ninyo ang magiging diskarte online.

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