Pyramid Scheme Ba Ang SWA Ultimate?

Is SWA Ultimate just a pyramid scheme? Let’s look at what others are saying about the future of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program…

Some people are pointing out that:

All commissions are dependent upon the continued recruitment of new members and there is no revenue coming into the company, other than the membership fees being paid by new members.

Now if the only thing you are going to rely on are the SWA commissions, then I invite you to expand your viewpoint.

That’s why in Team Manny Viloria, we emphasize:

Build Your Name First, Then Your Business Second.

Almost every single day we see advertisements left and right for SWA Ultimate.

Facebook walls are peppered with these familiar ads.

People are busy building the business, while neglecting the part about building Your Name.

Some of the inexperienced folks keep spamming and photo-tagging strangers in Facebook, and invite them to do…what?


The invitation is to join SWA, and to photo-tag or photo-spam Facebook “friends” so that in the end, you have an army of photo-tagging spammers dreaming about those $20 commissions.

Pa-Facebook, Facebook lang. Add friends. Post. Tag. Share. Chat.

Now if that’s ALL that you’re going to do, then yes, it does feel like a pyramid scheme. The product is not really used, because people are busy simply posting ads or spending hours inside Facebook.

Inside Team Manny Viloria, we have a completely different story.

We encourage you to blog and share your life stories, in order to help people who are searching for solutions.

We teach you to promote (once a week) on your Facebook wall not your SWA affiliate link, but a link to your latest blog post.

We encourage you to read the ebooks and add to your knowledge.

We help you focus on adding useful stories online, because we offer you an automatic Video + Email Marketing system that markets your SWA username for you, all on auto-pilot.

This saves you time. This gives you enough time to do more IMPORTANT things.

In other words, Team Manny Viloria teaches you to ADD VALUE.

So while the un-informed may appear as unwitting participants in a pyramid scheme, those of you who benefit from the training and development provided by TMV know that our SWA-Gold group is more than just ebooks and $20 commissions.

It’s about learning, growing, and serving.

Now here is some EXCLUSIVE TRAINING for members of Team Manny Viloria:

The Non-Pyramid Marketing Strategy REVEALED!

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Remember: Invest In Yourself, Before Others Will Invest In You.

Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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