Are SWA Ultimate Infinite Commissions For Real?

Can you really earn infinite commissions in SWA Ultimate? Here’s the hard-hitting truth…

If you’ve been told that the SWA Pay Plan 2 will give you infinite earnings, please listen to this story…

Let’s say I was the first SWA Ultimate member, and there are 7 other people in my house.

When those 7 people sign up under me, that’s 7 x $20 or $140 (this works this way because I’m the first SWA Ultimate member).

Now if those 7 people do not venture outside our house or communicate with other people, they will have how many SWA direct customers?

Yes… you’re right! They will have ZERO additional customers.

They won’t have pass-ups from the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th customers of their direct customers (under Pay Plan 2), because they won’t have additional SWA Ultimate direct customers.

Now imagine that our house is the world.

And instead of our house having only 7 people, there are 7 billion people.

Do the math. Eventually, just like those first 7 people, 7 billion people will run out of direct customers for SWA.

Here’s the stone-cold truth from Team Manny Viloria: Infinite SWA Ultimate Commissions Are Just An Illusion.

Let me tell you the story of the time we visited the Antulang Beach Resort in Negros Oriental, Philippines…

Antulang has an infinity pool, and when you relax and ease yourself into that tranquil pool, you can look towards the sea and it will appear as if the pool stretches away out into infinity.

And you and I both know that it is just an illusion.

SWA Ultimate Infinity Pool

Yes, it’s fun to sink down and bring your eyes to water.

Yes, it’s fun to imagine that the pool stretches infinitely out to the vast ocean.

And yes, when you stand up and look at the pool from a different angle, you will see the TRUTH.

The pool is not infinite, and there are no infinite SWA Commissions either.

If you rely solely on the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th pass-ups, and the customers that they can pass up to you (under SWA Pay Plan 2), and on and on… You’ll eventually discover…

…the edge of the pool.

Now what happens if you want to earn more?

You need a strategy to realistically grow your earnings. And inside Team Manny Viloria (SWA-Gold Members) we will reveal to you the info that you need.

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The Realistic Infinite Earnings Strategy
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Remember: Invest In Yourself, Before Others Will Invest In You.

Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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