SWA Ultimate Username and Credibility

Are you shooting yourself in the foot with your choice of a SWA Ultimate Username? Don’t make this common blunder…

For a lot of people who are highly concerned about privacy, they do not place their Real Name in their SWA username.

So they come up with un-identifiable usernames that look like:

  • dkwi39402
  • ChampoyEatingChampion449
  • ILuvsMuhMuning192
  • CuteAkoDiTuladMo3894873

Huge Mistake!

What do you think your potential customers will think if you invite them to visit your SWA referral website which starts with your “special” username?

Recommendation: Use Your Real Name

When people who are interested in ebooks see your SWA referral link, they will sense that you are serious about what you are offering.

Afterall, you are showing your real name.

At Team Manny Viloria, we teach you how to build your name first, then your business second.

And on the internet, one of the best and fastest ways to build your name and reputation is by blogging (or by publishing useful / entertaining articles on the web).

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